saving/syncing on Google drive

Is there a way I can sync my scrivener file from my ipad on Google drive so I can also use it on my computer?

Google drive is not recommended, as it has been observed to corrupt Scrivener projects in the past, due to how Scrivener projects are stored on mac OS, how they are perceived on non-Mac operating systems, and how many sync engines mis-handle the collection of files that make up a Scrivener project. To sync to and from an iPad and a PC, you need to use Dropbox for over-the-air sync, or use over-the-cable sync with iTunes. I believe there is some limited integration with the iOS Files app, but I haven’t ever used it so I don’t know what the caveats and limitations are for that method.

iOS Scrivener has support for Dropbox if you also have the Dropbox client installed on your iPad. Likewise, on both macOS Scrivener, and Windows Scrivener you do to have the respective Dropbox clients installed on the computer.

Start here for a detailed description of the iOS/PC Dropbox sync process: