Saving title styles when compiling

I’m still in the process of familiarising myself with Scrivener 3, but so far think its a great refinement of a tool I didn’t have any complaints about to begin with. For me, probably the biggest addition is styles and the ability to export styles when compiling to another word processor. For someone like me who needs to finish up in MS Word, the ability to do further formatting using Word’s styles can make things a lot easier. However, this ability would be greatly improved if Scrivener could save style information with the section titles for scrivenings as well, as these are the most common pieces of text where a compiled document is going to have non-standard formatting. Without an option to compile them as Word heading styles, I only get part of the benefit of being able to compile with styles.

We did anticipate that, but out of the box the built-in compile formats do not use styles since not everyone would want that. However they are set up in such a way that it would be very easy to get things working. For example:

  1. Right-click and Duplicate & Edit the “Manuscript (Times)” format.
  2. In the Section Layouts pane, find the layout used to generate section headings in your work.
  3. Click into the title example text and use the a button to select and apply one of the heading styles.

Click the Test… button and verify the results in your word processor. The relationship between the style definition in the Style compile format panel and the text is is assigned to in the Section Layouts panel is different than in the editor—it is strict. If you later directly modify the formatting of styled text in Section Layouts the style assignment will be severed.

Now if you’re creating your own format from scratch you obviously might need to do a little setup. Keep in mind you can copy existing formatting from the Section Layout with the Format/Copy Formatting command, and this can be used to paste when creating a new Paragraph+Character style in the Styles pane.

Hopefully that is all straight-forward enough though. :slight_smile:

I had wondered if you could do that, but when I tried it before the style didn’t appear. I must have done something wrong because I just tried again and it worked. Great! Thanks for the help.