Saving to Dropbox and Device Simultaneously

Is there a way to save both on your iOS device and dropbox simultaneously? This would be ideal in the event that (a) dropbox goes offline or (b) something goes wrong with your device.

Everything you save on Dropbox is always saved on you iDevice first. It is copied to Dropbox when you tap the sync arrows.

Let’s suppose I don’t have internet access somewhere ( a train) and am working off a machine that doesn’t have cellular capabilities (i.e. an iPod). Let’s suppose previously I had been working on a file and saved it Dropbox. Suppose I want to access the file but no longer have Dropbox access. Would I still be able to change and access the file?


You don’t literally save it to Dropbox. You copy it to Dropbox’ servers when you tap sync.

Yes, I figured that. I guess the way it’s visually setup on the iOS scriv app that is a tad misleading. Saving on my device and saving on Dropbox seem like different actions when really they one and the same.

If you already had it figured out, why did you ask? :open_mouth:

It’s a figure of speech. I had some idea of what was going on, but just not the full picture. You clarified things. Thanks.

Oh, okay! :slight_smile: