Saving. Which mechanism for the cloud?

Scrivener version for Windows (that’s the latest version isn’t it?)
According to the little pop up window that appears in the options menu, saving “mechanism 1” is the best choice for if you’re working on the cloud, and “mechanism 2” is safer if there’s a danger of crashes or power failures, but worse for the cloud.

I just had the unfortunate experience that my laptop crashed and I lost the contents of my currently open text, but changes to other texts that I closed were saved, thank heavens. At that stage my saving options had been set to mechanism 1.

Since then I changed to the mechanism 2 option. My problem is that I save to a folder that’s synced to GDrive. What exactly is the downside of using mechanism 2 if you’re syncing to the cloud in this way? Am I better overall using mechanism 1, as the cloud backup is pretty important to me?

GDrive is known to corrupt Scrivener live Scrivener projects, so don’t use it. Use Dropbox for preference, Sync also works, as does Box, I believe; OneDrive, i’m not so sure of, but others will know.

If you’re talking about saving back-ups, then provided you set them to be zipped, any of those including GDrive will do.