Saving with only a few Snapshots

Hi, my project is getting quite large and takes several minutes to save and backup to Dropbox each time I close out. I suspect that my liberal use of Snapshots is a big part of this. Is there an elegant way to save a new version of my project with only the most recent 2 or 3 Snapshots per chapter? Or am I just going to have to manually go back through each chapter and delete the old Snapshots?


First, I would go into your project folder with Explorer and right-click on the “Snapshots” folder to examine its properties, and determine whether or not it actually is a burden. If you use a lot of graphics in your files it might be, but in general snapshots are just the text you wrote, and thus this folder shouldn’t be terribly large. If the number you see isn’t giving you a good idea of its size, try getting properties on the entire project folder and see what ratio of it the snapshots folder is consuming.

If it is a problem, the easiest solution may be to drag out the snapshots folder and set it aside (with the project closed). That will effectively and safely remove all snapshots from the project without fully deleting them. You’ll still have the RTF files in case you need to restore something.

Oh and of course, whenever messing around with the project folder’s internal files and folders: create a backup before doing so. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Amber. I’ll try it all out.