Sb2: feature: minor: other punctuation confuses smart quotes

Typing quote marks inside a set of brackets doesn’t work – for instance, in the default English setting, you get


Okay, I’ve added “(”, “{” and “[” as characters after which open quotes should be created, not close quotes (close quotes are created after punctuation otherwise). That should fix the issue. Let me know if I’ve missed any other punctuation marks after which open quotes should follow.


People might use “<” as a bracket opener.

Em dashes (double hyphens if the preference is not selected). It can happen that a quote comes after an em dash that marks off a thought or idea, or that what comes after can use quotes or single quotes to mark off a term, whatever. I’ve come across it recently several times.

I disagree with this case. In writing fiction, for instance, it is quite common to indicate that speech has been cut off by using an em-dash and then close speech marks, eg:

“But what about–” started Johnny.

So that will stay as it is. If you need to change it, just hold shift and left arrow to select the speech marks and then try to type another speech mark over it - you will see that this just toggles thorugh open quote, close quote and straight quote. When you have the type of speechmark you want, just hit the forward key to deselect and continue typing.

P.S. Neither am I sure about “<” - it’s not as clear-cut. I will use Microsoft Word as my guide here, given that it is what many will be used to, and Word has a close-quote after “<”, just like Scrivener.

You can always toggle, like I say.

This is very, very minor as I doubt it will happen very often.

Ah, I didn’t realize it was either/or. Yes, of course it is. I was thinking it would do both, somehow (by magic?), as if the program could tell that something was going to come after the quote (and therefore need to be open). Silly me. Forget I said anything…please. :blush: