Sb2 : UI : minor : Scrollbar not appearing in synopsis

This is a kind of weird one. If you have more text in the synopsis than there is space for in the Inspector, a scrollbar will not be created despite that, if you move the Inspector re-size bar too slowly. That’s right. Drag it out to the left until all of the content fits in the card size, and then drag it slowly to the right (causing the data to compress), no scrollbar will pop up. Snap the split over quickly and a scrollbar will be created. At first I thought it had to do with the mouse leaving the extents of the application, but I was careful to make sure the mouse stayed inside the border while still moving it rapidly, and a scrollbar was created.

I can’t recreate this, but I think it is safe to peg as a Cocoa bug anyway. The synopsis text is just a regular Cocoa text view with some lines drawn inside it. Scroll bars are notoriously glitchy in Cocoa when they are set to auto-hide like the one in the sypnopsis - they have a tendency to appear when there is not enough text to fill the view and disappear when there is still plenty…
I’ll look out for it, but there is no code specific to Scrivener that should be causing this.