Sb3 : Feature : minor : Dragging URL into text changes URL

When dragging a URL from a reference list into the text of a document, the URL transforms into a locally based URL, and strips off any variables that were originally in the URL. So for example, it goes from:



Dragging into notes does nothing, though I seem to recall that may be by design.

Hmm… Weird, I don’t see this. Do you mean when dragging from the “References” table in the inspector? If so, you can’t drag the actual row to the text view, that should do nothing. If you double-click the URL and then drag to the text view, it should just be dragged and dropped as text, with no problems.

So, either I don’t see this, or (more likely) I don’t quite understand what you mean or exactly what you are doing to see this.


Yes. With the Inspector to Notes&References, dragging a URL from the list, into the text area of the editor, does the behaviour I described. Double-clicking it and allowing it to open in a browser works fine. It goes straight to where it should. If this action should do nothing, then that is your bug, because I can easily drag things from References to the editor. It makes a little link – a useless link because I don’t have Scrivener’s message board on my own system (the URL in question) – but a link nonetheless.

Huh. Weird. For some reason the behaviour you describe happens in beta 3, but the drag is not allowed at all in the newer version I am working on - even though I have changed nothing in this regard. Strange…

Ah, okay, fixed this so that you can drag URLs to the text. I did make changes to another file that would have affected this in the new version, but at any rates, this now works properly and in a more “expected” manner.

Thanks. Glad you went that route instead of turning it off. It is a useful feature.