Sb3 : UI Bug : Minor : Can't set Label on multiple Notecards

(Hi! I just started using beta 3 and it looks like a great program. Found this bug but didn’t see it on the forum, as far as I could tell.)

It seems to be consistently reproducable with the following:

  1. Go into a Corkboard view with multiple cards.
  2. Select several cards and then use the pulldown in the Inspector to change the Labels setting.
  3. Only the Label (and pin) of the first* notecard gets changed; other selected notecards aren’t updated.
  • First in the corkboard arrangement, not first in selection order.

I’m using an iBook G4 with OS X 10.4.8


Actually I never intended the ability to be able to assign a label or status to multiple documents in this way, but now that you mention it, this should be possible. I have added it to the list for the next beta.

All the best,

I remember asking about this some time ago when in you were in one of your “no!” moods.:wink: I’m very pleased to hear it’s being added to the list.

Thanks yet again



I only consider it now because the corkboard is a slightly different kettle of fish. It still won’t apply to the binder - only to the corkboard and possibly the outliner, that’s all.

Sounds good. As a new user, I can say that it seemed the most natural way to recategorize a bunch of notes when planning a new project.

Thanks for the great program and the fast reply to my post! :slight_smile:

Oh! This is wonderful. And here I have been thinking this would never happen.