Sb3 : UI : minor : Full screen + ES + Hovering SB

When using Edit Scrivenings in conjunction with Full Screen with the option to have the scroll-bar revealed only when hovered over, there is a space the size of the scroll-bar to the right of the text area, where the E.S. alternate background block stops short.

Click thumbnail for large view.

It really is not a huge thing; some might even like how it looks. But since it is a departure from the way ES+Full Screen looks with other settings, I thought it should be mentioned.

Ah. This is because the scrollbar is really still there, except that it takes on the paper background colour. I have put it on my list to set it to the window background colour instead, though I have to check to see if there was a reason I didn’t do this already… Come to think of it, I probably took this route because it makes more sense to place the cursor at the edge of the paper to find the scroll bar rather than going past the edge of the paper. So, I might leave this as is…

EDIT: And actually, thinking about it, there is also the case of when the user has the paper set to the width of the screen. In this case, if the scroll bar background took on the window background colour, you would end up with a strip of that colour on the right even though you have tried to hide all of the background, which would be annoying.

Really, the mouse-over style scrollbar was intended to please those who like to have green/orange-on-black, with the paper colour set to the same colour as the window background colour, in which case this is a none issue.

So, having thought about this, I realise that this is something that should remain as-is. Let’s call it a feature, not a bug - it gives some visual indication of where your scrollbar can be found. :slight_smile:


Well enough. Those 1976 green on black people can have their cake and eat it to. For the rest of us – well it does kind of look neat. Like an ultra-minimal UI design.