Sb3 : UI : minor : Some document adj. missing in full screen

In Full Screen mode, there are a few commands rendered inoperative, which remain relevant (in my opinion anyway).

  1. Edit/

  2. The Set Selected Text as Title command (Cmd-Shift-Opt-T) does not work

  3. Convert to Group/Document

  4. Convert Format of Selected Documents…

  5. Reorganize/

  6. Move To…

There might be others that my check missed.

I disagree. These commands should not be available. All of these commands affect how a file will be viewed in the binder - which is not available in full screen. Full screen is about editing your text, so binder-level stuff should not be available. Most importantly, there is zero visual feedback for any of this stuff in full screen. The only one that there might be an argument for is the “Convert format” thing, but really that is still a non-full screen command.

So, this is decidedly not a bug, but a sensible limitation.

For those of us who use a dual screen set up access to these commands makes some sense however.


Damn it. I knew I shouldn’t have allowed you to use Scrivener on dual screens. I have learned a new equation in the development of Scrivener:

1nf = 2nur

nf = new feature
ur = new user requests


You have a point in this situation, so, dunno, we’ll see. Low priority, though.

The dual screen feature is great! Don’t you dare doubt it. As for the inoperative commands it really is no big deal for me at any rate. I was just wondering why.

We users are all building workflows that you can hardly be expected to anticipate - but you can’t blame us for asking “why can’t Scrivener…?” now and then. Personally I’m hoping better integration with DT will mean you’ll just be able to answer “That’s not Scrivener’s job, try Devonthink for that task”.

Also, you’ll just have to accept that we expect only the best from Scrivener - your fault for building such a great and flexible app.


Oh, all right, you convinced me. :slight_smile: I just implemented Set Selection as Title in full screen, so you’ll have it in beta 5. I already implemented the Convert Format one that AmberV mentioned in beta 4. The others will remain inoperable, though, as they are all actions that are handled by the main window.

Thanks a lot, Keith.
While we’re at it, one more bug…The Purchase Scrivener Menu is broken. :slight_smile: