Sb5 : I/O : Exporting footnotes via Export Files...

When exporting using Export Files as RTFD instead of Export Draft, the last bit of the final footnote will get lost. If you have, say, 20 footnotes in your document, the 20th endnote will have its end chopped off. The other 19 will be fine. This is a per file basis. So if you have 300 files with footnotes, each one will have their last footnote lopped off. This does not happen in Plain Text mode, or in RTF mode – just RTFD.

Side note: I am not seeing the superscript thing mentioned in the changes file. At least not in RTFD. Isn’t superscripting up to the word processor in RTF mode?

Superscripting only applies to RTF - and no, it’s not up to the word processor, it’s up to the RTF code, as I found out experimenting with Word recently. I’ll look into the other - very strange.

Okay, this was an easy one - fixed for b6/1.0.