Scaling Issues


I adore Scrivener, it’s the best writing software I have ever used. I can still use it and most of what I love about it, but I am having some major scaling issues.

I recently got a Microsoft Surface pro 4 and the resolution on this thing is absurd. So absurd, in fact, that there isn’t much that has support for it yet and so a lot of stuff scales strangely on it.

I was wondering if there were inklings of plans, or if there could be inklings of plans, to resolve or support scaling problems on a 2736x1824 resolution?

I’ve included a screenshot to show you what it looks like on my machine right now. I can’t adjust the inspector boxes at all, and you can see that lots of the buttons are microscopic.

We do intend to have HiDPI support in the next major version of Scrivener. It’s not possible now because the current version of the framework doesn’t have that support, but you can try the workaround described in this knowledge base article to let Windows scale the program interface.

Thank you!

Edit: The workaround worked like a dream, keep doing what you guys do, you’re awesome. :smiley:

I do look forward to a real fix. I adore my Surface Pro 4 and want it to be the perfect writing machine for me.

I’m anxious about doing this work-around. I searched for regedit and found multiple copies as well as regedit.exe.mui. I get the impression this is just the latest version of regedit from MS but… Is it safe to assume the latest version of this file is the one to copy and alter?

Thank you.

regedit is an application that one uses to modify the Windows registry database.
You should not attempt to copy and modify the regedit file itself.

For another discussion as to how to launch regedit, see … editor.htm
or similar.

If interested in technical background regarding the Windows registry database, see

Be careful when using regedit. Follow the instructions carefully and exactly. Ideally, find someone with experience with using it and have them do it or advise you.

Thank you. I guess I’ll just make do for now. The instructions provided above do indeed talk about saving and editing. (“This workaround isn’t difficult but requires editing the Windows registry, as outlined toward the end of this Microsoft article. The changes made to the registry will affect all programs that include an external manifest, not only Scrivener.”) Specifically the linked MS article details doing so. Hence my concern.

I’ll save the detail work on my stuff for when I’m docked for the time being (large screen, not HD). Maybe I’ll have an opportunity to go to someone who can work with me on this at some point.

Again, thanks for the input.

Let me try again, as I apparently made a poor choice of words…

Don’t worry about or try to pick which of multiple versions of regedit to use. If being presented such a choice by search results, try the alternate launching technique discussed in the article I linked to, in which you get to a point where you just type in “regedit”, hit Enter or click OK and let Windows decide which to use. It knows.

regedit is an application for editing the Windows registry. The registry is what is being modified, not regedit.

I can’t speak to the potential manifest issue, other than I have not seen anyone report that being a problem relative to Scrivener or Adobe products such as InDesign (which is the example that apparently inspired use of the external manifest workaround for Scrivener). Searches of this forum and Google using "“Scrivener manifest” and “InDesign manifest” should give a sense of what folks experience with manifests.

Hope that’s more help than hurt. If not, apologies. Shutting up now.

Not a problem at all. All the better to make sense of it all (and keep me out of trouble). :slight_smile: