Scapple 6 questions

6 questions:
1, when note loses the mouse focus, I need to use what keyboard shortcut to locate to note (annoying mouse).
2, how to set the two note does not overlap.
3, I hope Scapple can hold a key to evernote:pdf + SCAP to make notes.
4, I hope Scapple can complete the operation with the custom keyboard (I hate the mouse, which will slow down my efficiency).
5, I hope Scapple can insert any file as an attachment, including excel.
6, I hope Scapple can create tables.
I’ve also used XMIND and MindManager, but I prefer the freedom of scapple. It is hoped that the authors will seriously consider these requirements.

I think you’re expecting Scapple to do more than it was designed for.
OneNote can do all the things you’re asking for, as can Evernote. And I think there’s more expensive mindmapping software (like the one Tony Buzan sells) which would serve.

As to the mouse problems, if I were you I’d buy a better mouse.