scapple behavior under hackintosh

Hi, I posted before about the Scapple lagging problem under the2013 Macbook air 11’ i51.6Ghz, the cpu occupation could hit 100% on that machine, and then I tested the same file on a 2009 Mac Pro with a Xeon W3520, 2.66Ghz, it was laggy but not so bad(totally 270 notes, all Chinese characters), and I did get that the software it self was not designed for large projects.
But, I do need it to do this.
So I have a dell inspiron at hand, it is a 2012 i7 3rd gen 2.4Ghz, with 16G of ram, 17’ monitor drive by a intel 4000, so I think, well, I’m sick and tired of the windows 10 on it, and I, well, install a 14.4 mojave on it(don’t ask me how), it runs smoothly, then I tested the same scapple file on it.
And then the magic happened.
Same file, weaker cpu, but no lagging at all.
The CPU rarely hit 30%.
I’m pretty happy and also quite curious about why this could happen , is there a tweaking I can do to make it happen on all my macs?