Scapple bug ? when select note → Opt → double click generates Duplication + new connected note with arrow

scapple 1.40.2, Monterey 12.6.1


I often and for years now, select note → press Opt and double click on canvas outside note→ creates new connected note with arrow.

I recently migrated from Catalina to Monterey, the same keypress combination
1- generates a duplicate of the selected note (red arrow below)
2- creates a new connected note with arrow , that note being connected to the duplicate, not the original

I know that Opt is often used to duplicate as in drag and drop a duplicate with Mac OS

thank you

Since an OS update seems to be the main trigger in changing behaviour, to get the basics out of the way: have you made sure to attempt and reproduce this without any background utilities, macros or mouse/trackpad enhancement tools running? It could be one of those needs a compatibility update applied.

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OK. I will test. Thanks