Scapple crashing when zooming in/out


Over the last two days the normally- bulletproof Scapple has started crashing every time I zoom in or out using the trackpad on my Macbook Air. Is there a known bug?

Just created a new Scapple doc to check if it was just the one document crashing but it’s happening to all of my documents now.

I am also under the same situation.

I am using macOS Catalina on Macbook pro 2019 and Scapple 1.30.3 (414), Appstore version.

Scapple is one of the important software in my workflow. Please fix it ASAP

kewms - any input on this? It’s making Scapple unusable and it’s a crucial part of my daily work.

You might want to provide some basic diagnostics, such as: Scapple version and macOS version.

fwiw, it works fine here on v1.3.3 and macOS10.14.6 (also on an Air, as it happens).

I’m on the latest Mac OS Catalina 10.15 (19A583) and latest version of Scapple 1.3.3 (404). I’m starting to think there’s a hidden message in the Scapple version :neutral_face:

I’m having this issue too with Scapple 1.3.3 (404). I just updated to Catalina 10.15 on my MacBook Air (Early 2014)
This is crushing me. I hope you can fix it quickly.
It immediately crashes when I zoom out.

We think we might have a solution for this one. It’s a truly stupid limitation that Apple added to 10.15, where a canvas can only have a maximum of 256 resizable units on it at once. For some reason they’ve managed to use a larger storage unit for years just fine, but with their first “64-bit only” OS upgrade, there are now 8-bit limiters in it. Go figure. :slight_smile:

Good to hear, @AmberV (the fix that is…) Do you have an ETA on it?

I couldn’t say, but the compatibility update for 10.15 is overdue already, so it shouldn’t be a year from now. :wink:

Is there any update on a fix for this issue?

Scapple is basically useless for me right now :frowning:

Sorry I haven’t heard an update from Keith on this one yet, just that it would be a tough one to solve.

I’m confirming this issue on Catalina. However, it’s not only crashing on zooming, but on panning as well. This software is one of the finest pieces of kit on my Mac – I do hope there is a fix shortly. If there is a need for any beta testing, sign me up.

Correct, as noted above it has to do with how many of a particular class of interface component are in the display at once. Zooming is often the most efficient way to greatly increase how many are visible at once, but for some people who have massive boards already zoomed out, it might crash as soon as you open the board. For others there might be three in view, but when they pan 600 come into view and crash.