Scapple crushes diagram when shifting between PCs

I used a 32" monitor to create a Scapple file as part of a Scrivener project.

I opened the project in a small notebook PC, and instead of just displaying the diagram small, or only showing parr of it, it resized fonts and boxes and generally mangled my diagram to fit the smaller screen.

Is there a way to switch this off?

I have the same problem as you, I think the reason is that it was only developed at 1080P in the first place. Excuse me for my poor English.

This is my previous post:

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It would be nice to see this fixed - I sometimes teach workshops and would like to use Scapple to do live diagramming… not really possible if prepared examples pop up on the big screen in garbled form.

This is something that will be naturally fixed once the code base is updated to the newer version of the development toolkit. The one it is written with predates the concept of high resolution displays.

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The one it is written with predates the concept of high resolution displays.

Egad we’re all getting old!

OK thanks for the explanation. No point in pestering.

But, can you guesstimate a rough ballpark approximate timeframe for when this will happen?

Definitely before the heat death of the universe. Maybe.

(In all seriousness, L&L no longer gives ETAs or time estimates because too many people ignored the ‘approximately’ and ‘estimate’ and felt free to abuse L&L staff.)

I just want to chime in here and say, please fix this! It makes scrapple basically unusable for me, because I need to be able to work on my projects on multiple computers at the same time.

Same here! Would love to see this fixed please :pray:

As I’ve already noted, it would take an overhaul to do so, but it something on the list already.

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Has anyone found a workaround for this? Or are we all stuck until the coding is upgraded? Thanks.

Until a new version comes out that is linked against the newer version of the Qt development framework (which includes the capabilities and upgrades necessary to handle differing display resolutions), there’s not much you can do.

Solution of sorts: I’m used to this happening if I dare to open scap on my other laptop, but today it happened on my main machine. Yesterday I installed new drivers and it looks like my resolution got reset. I realised it might be that and have been fiddling until I seemed to have found a res where most of the scaps are coming up normal sized again. BUT I use scapple for everthin. I have hundreds of projects for organisation of different things and this is a terrifying ‘shot across the bow’/ warning to go for something more modern, although I hate every ‘map map’ tool i’ve tried, as they dont ALLOW THE SAME FREEDOM OF POSITIONING NOTES AND LINKING. Oops: caps lock error!