Scapple error msg on install

When installing Win 1.4.2 update receive error msg: Error trying to install file: destination ${installdir} resolved to an empty value. This program will now close.

Scrabble error msg

This just means the auto-installer can’t find the correct path for your current installation:

(Only replacing “Scrivener” with “Scapple” in the above. :wink: ) You can download the Scapple installer here.

Yes, I figured out the error meaning. The question is, how to fix it? I can’t update my Scrivener…

Sorry for not answering earlier.
The problem may be related to 2 things: One is the directory location of where the update ‘thinks’ Scrivener is installed or two is that (and I’m assuming here) the Windows registry has somehow become corrupted.
I will state ‘right now’ I am not in any way a software developer or such but that this is how I fixed the problem with Scapple or suggest you check the registry. This worked with both Scapple and Scrivener.
Now these are the steps I did to update Scrivener.

  1. Verify where Scrivener is installed. By default Scrivener installs on C:\Program Files\Scrivener3. If you changed the default location this (I’m assuming for varying reasons) may be the reason why the update didn’t install. Mine was so I’m assuming it was a corrupted registry.
  2. Verify that there is only 1 copy of Scrivener in the Add/Remove programs. I had been part of the testing phase and had over 3/4 old copies listed even after they were removed. If old copies I would suggest removing them. Choice is yours.
  3. Verify you still have a copy of your registration key handy (e-mail/written down) this in case the software needs to be re-registered.
  4. Download Scrivener again from site. This would be the free trial listed. It’s the full version minus the key.
  5. Run the program and follow the installation instructions. If you changed directories of where Scrivener wanted to install this is where you would change the path else leave it. After installing it should have overwritten the old program minus the key and hopefully any personalized settings. It should not state its a free trial version but if so copy/paste or write in your key.

I hope this helps.