Scapple file not opening ( unexpected error) and my report is due tommorow!

i was using it fine last night, however it is now not opening, someone please help, this is an emergency!!

Do other scapple projects also fail.
Did the file format get changed?
Did you restart the computer. Sometimes that help.

The file hasnt been changed, this is my first project to fail. Ive restarted my computer and its not helping :frowning:

A long shot. Have you been using the Beta version? If so, that has just expired and you need to check for an update.

Im using the latest version unfortunately :frowning: the one that was released in december 2022 ( windows)

Do you use any sync programs?

Have you confirmed that none of your PC’s security tools like your anti-virus are a factor?

If Scapple will not open at all, I’d look to see if any of the security tools recently flagged Scapple as a suspicious program. Or your Scapple board. You might need to add them to the “exceptions” list.

Assuming that’s not a factor, are you able to have your PC compress your .scap file into a ZIP?

If you can, you might want to think about opening a help ticket. You can use the email links at the bottom of our contact us page to submit a help request.

I or one of my colleagues can see if we’re able to open that Scapple board on another computer and recover the data for you.

Hello, yes. I can confirm that the anti-virsu tools are no probelm, but i will double check again. I have opened a help ticket and am waiting to hear back. Thank you so much!!

Hello guys, i got the problem fixed with the help of the scapple team, here is an excerpt from their email

"i used a program called BBEdit to review the actual XML files for your board. I saw an invisible character that I think might have been the issue.

I used BBEdit’s “Zap Gremlins” command and saved the board as a new copy. It will now open"


So the question now is: had you pasted some text in from another program like Word or from the internet? That’s the usual source of gremlins.


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