Scapple for Chrome OS?

Having contributed to the “Scrivener for Android?” topic, it’s apparent that in our modernizing world platforms other than “desktop” systems (OSX, Windows, Linux) are being used on a far more regular basis. While Android is a fantastic mobile/semi mobile OS, there just isn’t the tactile hardware that matches the more traditional operating systems. Recently using chromebooks, I have become aware to how useful and limited the Chrome OS can be. When I use Scrivener I tend to sit down, have a coffee, and plan out a session which usually lasts longer than a couple hours and takes place all at the same desk
(with an outlet). Scapple, however, is my go-to “on-the-go” app where I do everything from sketch out ideas, take lecture or keynote notes, and mainly create a digital copy of the slime covered goo which pours out of my brain-- the key to Scapple is that it makes this goo legible for the rest of humanity :slight_smile:

There isn’t really anything quite as simple and intuitive as Scapple on the Chrome App store [ I’ve looked :frowning: ], and since it’s less robust than its big brother Scrivener I think that a Chrome App version of the software is doable; and would plant a seed for Literature & Latte in the Googleverse of developers.

Currently, I use Scapple on my chromebook via Remote Desktop, and it’s just not fast and seamless enough to truly let the software shine. I wonder if any of my other fellow L&L users use Scapple or Scrivener on Chrome OS in a similar or alternative manner, or if there are others like me here who enjoy Chrome OS.

*also, I looked for a “Wish List” thread under the Scapple forums with no luck. Is there such a place?

I am a Chrome enthusiast and have described and supported it in many posts,
but I don’t look for any version of Scriv or Scap on Chrome soon, if ever.
The development team is busy with Mac and Windows versions,
There’s a Linux version of Scriv that can run on Chrome,
But you must be adept at Linux to create and maintain an installation.

Still, Chrome and Chromebook are selling well
Many new models are available, and the early “brick” myths are dying down
(Many apps now work off-line, and several machines offer 3g and LTE access.)
Personally, I like working in the Mac OS with a Chrome browser.
Nothing quite replaces Scapple, but here are some Chrome alternatives:

Draft: for document creation & collaboration
Fargo: vertical outliner, project organizer, storage in Dropbox
Gingko: horizontal outliner & drafter
LitLift: rich text story board, plot outline, draft & revise
Oak Outliner: plain text outliner, local storage

The biggest considerations are: does the app work offline, and where does it store files?
While Google Docs is fine for drafting, unfortunately it doesn’t outline well.
Other apps for writing in Chrome are listed at:
And see this summary of free outliners:

Addendum: from the Chrome Web Store, I have picked up three visual outliners
Prezio, Trello, and My Storyboard. They are more suitable for presentations
Than story outlining, but worth a look and try. I don’t know how they would export.

Thanks for those suggestions, Litlift looks promising :smiley:!

Also, I didn’t know that you could run linux applications in Chrome OS that way-- very intriguing.

The is just a repost of something I mentioned in another thread. It may be helpful to you depending on your level of technical expertise.

Thanks, TGE for your repost.

Here’s a list of articles on Chromebooks with x86 processors.

I found Gingko recently too and I like the way they think about text bits. I’m hoping there will soon be a way to transfer my scrivenings into it en masse. It’s also a little clunky on mobile. I think it’s a great start though.