Scapple is crashing since updating OS

Just updated to High Sierra 10.13.5 and now Scapple (1.3.1) keeps crashing. Any ideas what the problem is, or how to fix it?

Thanks, D

If you really want to help L&L find out what’s wrong, open Console and search for Scapple to see if there’s a crash report and send it to them. If you can send them the file to examine, that will help too. The more information they have, the easier it is to find out what’s causing the crash.



The first thing I’d try is to delete the program from /Applications and download a fresh copy to install. Maybe the upgrade corrupted something in the application bundle. At the very least, you’ll have eliminated that solution from the list.

Thanks, both.

It seems to be behaving for the moment. When I posted, earlier, I’d been getting the ‘spinning beach ball of death’. (I needed a Scapple doc for an imminent work call, so was a bit like this…!)

No problems now, though, but I will reinstall the app, as suggested, to make sure nothing is corrupted.

Re: Finding crash reports in Console - Would I search in any particular folder of those that come up (‘Mac Analytics’, etc), or just search the whole device? And is what I’d be looking for literally named ‘crash report’? I’ll start sending on any such reports to L&L, for any future issues, as I like their software a lot.

Thanks, again. D