Scapple is the best thing I didn't know I needed.

I have OmniGraffle, MindNode and some others. Too complicated. I hesitated on Scapple because it wasn’t pretty. Too plain. Why do they bother? I used the trial version, then I finally pulled the trigger as the SummerFest sale was drawing to a close. That’s when I started really using it. Every day.
When I write in Scrivener, sometimes the format gets a little overwhelming, cumbersome and in the way. Now I just open up a blank Scapple sheet and just start writing ideas, snippets, thoughts, dialogue, all open free-form on a blank sheet. I can connect them and drag them into the “complicated” Scrivener format where it belongs. I can’t believe how much this “simple” program transformed the process of getting my thoughts into my mac.
I keep some Scapple templates of all of my characters, locations and plot lines, and just group copy and paste into a new sheet to sheet to start a new scene. Drag the characters into the scenes as needed. It’s amazingly simple. Once I have it where I want it, I just drag the whole thing into Scrivener.
I have just one question, which is more of an observation: When I sort my applications folder by name, Scapple and Scrivener sort next to each other. Was this intentional?
In summary: Try the trial version of Scapple, but pretend you bought it. Convince yourself of this. Trial versions just never seat in your head as if you paid for it. So, instead of “Drive it like you stole it.”, “Use it like you bought it.”

Glad you like it!

As for Scapple and Scrivener sitting next to each other, when I came across the name “Scapple”, part of its appeal was definitely the alliteration with Scrivener.

All the best,

Like you, I use all the Mind* programs and I also gave Scapple short shrift (interesting phrase : during the beta. Really didn’t think I needed it. I tried it again the other day and found myself enjoying it. Now, my only complaint is there is no companion version for my Windows machines!!!

And even that complaint shall be quashed very shortly. :slight_smile:

Glad you like it!

I’ve come here to gush too. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried, like the other people, different mind map apps and they just don’t work for me when novel writing. Recently I tried Scapple and what a difference! It works the way I think. I’ve been able to brainstorm like a mad thing, move the ideas and thoughts around, highlight, color code and it helps me think through plot problems. It is brilliant! It works BETTER than paper and pen. Thank you.

Any app for the iPad in the works?


An iPad version isn’t in the works yet, but we definitely plan to make one. We’re concentrating on Scrivener for iOS first. Once that’s out, we can start on Scapple. So hopefully there will be a Scapple for iOS sometime next year, but don’t quote me on that. :slight_smile:

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Just did!
What did you think? :laughing:

I think the correct citation should be:

I’m working from the principle that if you repeat something often enough, it becomes true.

[size=50]I’m not going to point out to Keith the loophole inherent to the phrase “next year”. Shh… [/size]

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…

Now I’m a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind…

I recently discovered Scapple (after trying… you know) and well, at last - and at least - a simple and not too rigid application. As for me I knew I needed it, but couldn’t find it before !

I have to second (with a +1 though) the absolute need for an iPad companion + Dropbox sync : it would (will) be fantastic ; and I’ll even be able to advise my customers to buy your software :wink: