Scapple License [using direct-sale instead of App Store version]

I bought Scapple via the app store some time ago. Is there a way to transfer my license so I can download direct from LandL, instead of via the app store?

I have not tested this in quite some time, but have you tried downloading it from the website and running it from Applications? It may well “just work”. I know we added App Store receipt detection to Scrivener, but I don’t recall if that is in Scapple as well.

I did yes, it doesn’t recognize it as licensed. I have to use the App Store version.

All right, that’s maybe something we should look into for the next update.

In the meanwhile though, I’d get in touch with sales support and see if there is something they have set up for that. I don’t know off the top of my head if we can, but it doesn’t hurt to try.