Scapple lost its Quickview capacity?

One of the many cool features of Scapple used to be that I coould quickly look inside of every file via macOS Quickview, i.e. by simply pressing the space bar and voilà, I saw a preview of the diagram and knew whether it was the file I was looking for or not.

Recently, this possibility has disappeared; all I get is a symbol.

I am still on Sierra: is that the reason? Did I upgrade once too often? If so, is it possible to go back to a version that could provide quick views?

It works okay on Mojave.

Works fine here as well, and I’m on 10.12.6. If it’s not working for you in a global fashion, where even a blank .scap file you saved as a test cannot be previewed, then a simple reinstall of Scapple should be the first thing you try.

I would reboot in between trashing and reinstalling, just to make extra sure whatever broken version of the Quick Look plugin you current have is well and truly flushed from the system.

For me it works for some .scap files and not for others (same thing for the icons). I’ve done some experimenting and can’t find a reason that some show and some don’t. Let me know if you want me to send you some. It’s the same situation for the icons*:

Which I reported here:

Ah, you might be using “cloud” shaped notes in those boards where QL doesn’t work. A recent OS update busted something about how these work a bit ago; we’ll have it patched in the next update for Scapple.

Ah. Interesting.

I guess Apple is worried about competition with their iCloud.

Today, I found that jagged borders also break it.

Should I go through all my mind maps and change jaggeds and clouds, or is a fixed version imminent?



It’s up to you, whether QL is more or less important than the different border types available for use.

There should be an update for Scapple sooner than later, I wouldn’t want to make an assurances, but it would be unlikely that there isn’t one in the next couple of months. There are some necessary changes to the activation framework that need to be made.

QuickLook isn’t so important, but it also means that the mind maps aren’t visible in Scrivener.

I’m bummed that this wasn’t fixed in the latest Scapple release.

Quickview (and especially the view within Scrivener) is important.

Having fancy borders is important. Here’s why: Mindmaps work because they are fun. By making them colorful and having different border styles they are made more fun.

Please give the solution of this problem a higher priority.

I checked, and this one has turned out to be very difficult to figured out (and on top of that, very difficult to test, given how Quick Look plug-ins are cached), so it got moved to the list for a larger update, rather than the quick one we needed for the Paddle transition (which had the highest of all priorities).

Okay. Glad you’re on it.

Here are some images to emphasize how important this fix is. Scapple’s integration with Scrivener is a great feature, and this bug is the difference between this:

and this:

It unfortunately still appears to be a problem in the latest macOS 10.15 developer beta, too.

The problem is still there in version 1.3.4, unfortunately.

Indeed, it would show up in the release notes.

I’m looking forward to having it fixed. I’ve had to forego interesting note outlines because it’s useful to be able to preview the maps in the Finder:

Yay, all fixed. Thanks.

Whew! :smiley:

hey Community,

for me it seems the problem is still there / reappeared.
currently all other apps on macOS (latest Monterey) work fine w/ QuickLook. but Scrivener (also latest version) refuses to show up here. … already tried everything (restart, reinstall, flushing QL-cache etc.)

anyone with similar issues (on a M1 machine)?
any hints how to resolve / troubleshoot this?

would be much needed! so many thanks in advance!