Scapple Project File and Scriv/MMD/Latex

I am hoping to use the Scapple project file to get familiar with the Scriv/MMD/Latex workflow. (It is wonderful to have that as a potential starting point.) In the “About this Project” section, in the “Installation Steps” portion, it says:

“The second thing you will need is the various support graphics and stylesheets that are required to create Mac shortcut symbols. You will find these located in the “Materials” folder in the Binder, here.”

The trouble is I do not see a “Materials” folder in the Binder and if I click “here”, a blank window opens. (Unlike the Scapple project file, I did see a “Materials” folder in the Scrivener Manual project file, so I think I’m looking in the right place.)

Could someone direct me to the “Materials” in the Scapple User Guide project? Am I overlooking something? (Which is usually the case.)

Thanks for the help.

Oops, looks like that didn’t make it into the final copy I uploaded. Here’s the zip you need. (36.9 KB)

Thank you very much—both for the quick response and for making available this helpful resource.