Scapple scrolls back to the center of the document

When trying to scroll up to the top of the document, Scapple resets the focus back to the middle of the document. Here is the VID of the problem

I’m unable to reproduce this out of the box. I’ve tried to replicate your working environment as best I can, based on the clues in the video. It looks like:

  1. You are using Full Screen mode.
  2. The footer bar is visible.
  3. You have the zoom setting to around half of the maximum.

What I can’t tell are:

  • How big is the board itself? I can see roughly how big it is vertically, but what about horizontally?
  • What method is being used to scroll: mouse wheel, track pad, scrollbar, PgUp key?

What might help: if you start from a simple test board, adding a few widely separated notes so that there is some material to scroll (this is what I did), do you observe the problem? If not, what does it take, as you gradually add elements from the problematic board, to cause it to trigger?