Scapple themes


I’m sure it’s been asked before but I couldn’t find it on the forum. It would be nice to have scapple themes so that we can change the look and feel quickly. Some people suggest good backgrounds on the internet but this is very sparse and tedious to search for (call me lazy, I know).

What I’d like is, in a first time, a bank of great backgrounds preshipped with Scapple, for example a chalkboard, a graphic paper (squares), a torn paper, parchment (!), etc. So when we want to customize the background, we can choose between a background color, a standard background image or a custom background image.

In a second time, maybe themes that fit the default fonts and colors to the selected background ?

Thank you anyway, Scapple already saved me a LOT of time so this is my 2 cents.

I’ll second that request for the chalkboard background. That super-tasty chalkboard background on the Scrapple for Mac page (under Rough It Out) makes me long for such a option in the windows beta and final version.
Overall, I’m loving the Windows beta version and will definitely buy it, regardless of the chalkboard background. Right now, it’s nearly perfect for my needs, so any extras down the road will just make me love it that much more!
Hopefully too, the ability to group and lock down groups of notes will be added - that would keep me from accidentally moving the wrong notes to the wrong locations (which I sometimes do).


There are no plans to offer themes at this time, as that would entail us building a lot of graphics ourselves, and it would be a thankless task as everyone would want different themes. Also, Scapple is intended to be a quick and easy way of throwing together ideas rather than something for presentation.

As for the chalkboard screenshot, that’s easy - there is nothing special about it. All I did was make the background dark green using the “Document” pane of the Inspector, and load a chalk font that I downloaded free from the internet.

Glad you’re liking Scapple!

All the best,

P.S. This is the Scrivener wish list, so Scapple items should really be kept to the Scapple forums… Thanks. :slight_smile: