Scapple to Twine to Scapple

Twine is a family of free software tools for creating HTML gamebooks and choose-your-own-adventure style stories. I previously wrote a Scrivener template to create Twine stories (Scree). Recently I was talking to some big Scapple fans on the Twine discord server who gave me the idea of making some Scapple to Twine to Scapple tools, one to map a Twine story as a Scapple file (DotScap), and one to turn a Scapple file (with arrows) into the skeleton of a Twine story (scap2tw).

Scapple doesn’t seem to have a general discussion forum, so I figured I’d post about it here. Individual links are on my Twine tools page:

I’m actually fairly new to both and this seems like a killer tool ! will post my comments later on !

Hey mc,

I’m not sure if I’m doing this right but the Scapple to Twine tool isn’t displaying the file at all. Is there something else that I should do apart from uploading the Scapple file to the webpage?

Does any text appear in the Preview box after you upload? It would be raw HTML, not a running Twine story. It should also download the file, and if you click on that file, the Twine “story” will run. Since it’s only a bunch of links, it won’t be a very exciting story; the idea is to open it in the Twine UI afterwards for further editing.

Does any text appear in the Preview box after you upload?

Thats the problem. Nothing appears.

What browser are you using, and what version of Scapple?

Hey mc,

I’m using Scapple version and Mozilla version 62.0.3.

Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier.

I don’t have a need to build choose-your-adventure stories specifically, but it sounds like this toolkit might also be useful for densely linked web sites. Would you agree?


No problem. There was a Firefox bug that I’ve now fixed, but I can’t promise it will work for Scapple 1.0, since all my testing was on 1.3.1. Let me know how it goes.

People have used Twine for other purposes such as documentation, but not often. Twine started out as a modification of TiddlyWiki; people still use straight-up wikis for similar purposes.