Scapple tool within Scrivener


I love the scrivener software, thank you. Inspiriation comes for different ideas at different times, and scrivener allows me to add to each and any of them as they arise. Perhaps for the ADHD writer.

Anyway, what would save me a lot of time is if there was a layer above corkboard, very like scapple, which allows notes to be organised and interlinked (as in scrivener) in exactly the same way scapple does. Within scrivener, this could be interactive, i.e. 2-way feedback from scapple and scrivener would be very useful for organising thoughts, and filling gaps, inserting crucial plot details at the right time. Would be a handy, portable, more convenient replacement for my post-it and piece-of-string-with-attached-notes -covered walls. Thanks. Hope this makes sense.

PS. I’d happily see you put the price up so as to recruit more people to develop this software faster and implement more features.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear the software is proving beneficial to you.

There are no plans for embedding Scapple, or borrowing heavily from it, in Scrivener. There is a short article with the rationale for this decision in our knowledge base. There will be something coming along in the next major upgrade that allows for a more freeform approach, however, as recently discussed in this thread.