Scapple Update running into an error

When trying to update Scapple 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 by using Scpple-1410-update.exe. it runs into this error.
Any help? Updating via Scapple “Help” - “Searach for Updates …” says, I have the latest version …

Had the same error. Went to the L&L Scapple page and downloaded the full version. Installed with no errors.

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thanks. I’ll give that a try. Hope, I find my licence :wink:

I always update by downloading the full version and have never needed my license, so I doubt you will.


That’s correct, the activation information is stored separate from anything that would even be uninstalled. As someone that tests Scapple and Scrivener builds to the point of reinstalling, updating and installing sometimes multiple times on a daily basis, I’ve never once had to put my serial number in save for that first time.