Scapple won't save

All of a sudden, scapple won’t save. I get an error message that the selected file is already loaded in scapple and to settle another file or don’t save. And then it just keeps saying that. Any ideas, please?

If Windows, hover over icon in tray and see if have same instance of file loaded twice, if not click save as and give project name and add copy. when saves close the file and can then go into folder where saves are and delete old file and rename copy to original name and theorectically should work. (or can move original file to desktop save folder and hold till sure it works if paranoid. Hope that helps.

I don’t know what is causing the problem, I’ve never run into that before (sounds like some kind of OS level locking issue), but you should be able to easily preserve your work by creating a new board, selecting everything in the one that won’t save, and dragging it all into new board.