Scene files losing content.

Hello, I have been using Scrivener for 6 months, and just recently it deleted the content of one of my scene text files. The file is still there and it’s still named, but my content is gone. Its blank. I ignored this as just an annoying one time even. Unfortunately that is not that case. From another scrivener project, a scene file has lost its content, and instead has been replaced by the content of the previous scene file.
I would love to know a way to keep this from happening, or even recover what has been lost.


Your description seems to indicate that there is a screw-up between the .scrivx file (the binder plus a little more) and the files it controls. To my knowledge (Please correct if needed someone), there is no way to fix this. The linking is one-way. Nothing goes back from the files to the binder so a screw-up can be fixed. For this reason, it is probably necessary to restore from a backup. The manual explains how to do this.You may want to find the new text files so you can copy and paste the information back in after the restore process.

This means it is important to have the most reliable saving process possible.