"scene inspector" hud in fullscreen cosmetic bug

I browsed through many pages of bugs in the forum, but couldn’t find it mentioned, so I guess I’ll report it here. I can’t be sure if it happens just with my machine, but since I’m this detail freak, it occured to me.

System: iBook G4 1.33ghz
OS: Tiger 10.4.11
512mb RAM
Scrivener 1.11 (shareware phase, testing it)

When running full screen, the “scene inspector” hud has a 100% transparent gap through which you can see contents behind it. It’s at the bottom of the alternating color rows. I tried resizing it and playing with controls, to no avail.


Maybe I’m just too picky, but here it is anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting this. That certainly didn’t used to be there… Strange. On Tiger the HUD is a completely custom window drawn by my own code, whereas on Leopard they come with the OS, so it looks as though some size setting has changed internally somewhere. I’ll take a look at it (i.e. hopefully fix it) for the next update.

Thanks again and all the best,