Scene (notes) titles appearing in TOC

I have a short story broken into four scenes, each scene in a separate text file under the Chapter folder immediately under the main Manuscript folder. I did this so that each scene would be followed by four tilde characters (~~~~), generated by the Separators element – a scene break indicators.

My problem is, the NAME of the very first scene appears in the TOC when I check to place a page break before it (between the Title Page and scene one. Without the separator, the title page and scene one butt against each other, withe the four tilde marks between them, and the first scene name no longer appears in the TOC.

But I do not want the Title page and scene one to appear on the same page in readers. I want separate pages.

Do, How do you NOT get scene names to appear in the TOC?

The automatic ToC generator is built off of common assumptions, like using a section break to create a new named section, such as a chapter. Unnamed sections are not supported as a concept with this generator, but this should be no problem in practice. Most of the time you’re going to need to finish producing the book in software dedicated for doing so anyway, so while you are there just fix up the ToC the way you want, or if you didn’t need to take that step for some reason, it’s still only a few seconds to make this change you describe.