Scene separators

In Scrivener 3 how do I put ***** as a separator between my scenes? (which are separate files in my chapter foldier).

Separators are inserted in a pane by that same name, in the compile format designer:

  1. In the File ▸ Compile… window, right-click on the Format you are using from the left sidebar, and edit (duplicating if necessary).
  2. Click on the Separators pane, and then locate the Section Layout you are using for scenes, in the list of types.
  3. If necessary, override the defaults in the top right, and set the Separator between sections setting to “Custom”, then type in your custom separator in the field to the right of that.

There is a visual illustration of what the different types of separators do in the user manual, figure 24.9, in §24.4.2, Separator Types, pg. 617.