Scenes reordered in iOS

Hi all:

I have been over the moon about the new iOS app. I have, however, had an annoying problem the last few days. I have been writing primarily in iOS. However, I have also been doing some work on my Mac - primarily structural stuff - creating new scenes and ordering them. When I then reopen my project in iOS, the scenes that I have ordered on my Mac have been reordered - in an apparently random way. It is just the new stuff that is affected. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? At this point it is just a minor annoyance although it will come to be a more significant problem as the project continues to grow. Thanks!


Can you try reproducing the problem in a new project and post here about how we can see the issue for ourselves? There should be no way for this to be possible, because the order of items is determined by an XML file inside the project, and when the mobile changes are read into the Mac version, this XML file is read so the order will be kept.

The only time this should be possible is if there any sync conflicts (if you’ve edited the project on both platforms between syncs), in which case Scrivener will do its best to resolve any conflicts, which could result in scenes being in the wrong place (because Scrivener has to try to insert them from one version of the binder into the other). However, if this ever happens, you will see a message about how there have been sync conflicts that have been resolved. This never happens without some sort of alert. So I’m not sure what could be happening otherwise.


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