Schedule Tracking Calendar

First off, I would like to say that Scrivener is proving to be an amazing organizational and productivity enhancing tool. It is extremely flexible and intuitive.

After a few weeks of working with Scrivener on a new writing project I can see numerious additional opportunities to apply it to other creative writing projects as well. It is in this spirit that I am offering a suggestion for a future enhancement. Projects are by their nature created and delivered over extended periods of time and often have scheduled events and milestones that need to be tracked and monitored. A visual calendar feature that would allow notes to be attached to calendar dates in a table form would be very useful. And an alert or reminder capability would also be nice although not essential.

Thanks for developing and maintaining this wonderful application.

hi, jk_tgrs,

You might want to look at the following calendar thread from the forum.


You can set up a calendar for a given project in iCal and this would give you all the functionality you describe (and more!).

fellow Scriv user

Thanks for the fast reply and the thread redirect, that certainly answers my question and resolves my issue. I learned a new trick which should be very useful.

Much Appreciated,