Scheduled Dark/Light Mode

It would be great if there was an option in Scrivener’s settings to have the theme switch automatically from light to dark at sunset, and back to light at sunrise. I’ve noticed other apps implementing this feature. How they seem to do it is by requesting the user’s location once and using it to calculate sunrise and sunset times. Another way I’ve seen it done is by allowing users to manually set their own schedule for dark and light mode. Some apps have options for both. This would mean that if I open Scrivener on my phone in the middle of the night, and I haven’t used it since the afternoon, it won’t blind me. And when I open it the next day, it’ll be easy to see. As it is, I find myself navigating to the menu several times each day to switch modes. It would be great if this happened automatically.

This is only relevant to scrivener on iOS (and maybe on Windows)—on Mac, other programs already exist to switch the system’s theme from light to dark at sunset.

Personally I’d just like to have dark mode ALL THE TIME, on account that I’m something of a vampire and don’t like light!

But I could see the value in this for others. Bump!