Scheduling in Scrivener?

I’m wondering if Scrivener has any project management features, such as deadline management, or just a scheduling component. Right now, I’m using the status label customized with dates for when each group of pages needs to be completed to hit my April deadline. I’m guessing no, as I’ve poked around and haven’t found anything. Has anyone figured out a neat way to work deadlines into their projects? To synch with iCal, maybe?

If not, I’m more than happy with Scrivener’s work as an outliner/draft tool, don’t get me wrong. Does anyone know of any good personal project management software? I just need to plan out my own project, and I’m not coordinating a team, so a program like OmniPlan is way more than I need.


A couple of ideas are Jumsoft’s Process, or an individual (free) Basecamp account.

There are a wealth of applications out there that could be adapted. I suggest checking out the productivity section of the downloads/software area. … Tools.html <-- this is probably the most comprehensive listing anywhere. There are plenty of tools that sync with iCal, and are free. Actiontastic is good, and free!