Greetings All!

I’m a Detroit based Sci-Fi writer looking for a ‘Forum’ here to call home, for sci-fi of course.
Do we have any ‘Science-Fiction’ authors in this community?
If so please introduce yourselves so we can carve out our little niche in this wonderful little community.

A little about myself;
I’m male, 30-ish living in Detroit-Mi, I’m a Quality Assurance analyst/Software Engineer by day
Photo-journalist after 5pm LOL.

I like mostly all the sci-fi/Fantasy fiction genre’s like StarWars/LOTR/HarryPotter/Transformers/X-men
My parallel passion is photography, for me it’s Nikon or Nothing!!! LOL so I get a lot of ideas from the events I shoot.

What I write — parallel dimension/assassin droid/doppelganger; killer suspense, love triangle, cursed demon-seed- type trilogies
WHEW!!! That was a mouth-full!

I hope to meet a couple of people and make some friends here. I also hope there are some meet-up groups in the Michigan area for this tool/forum.

Best Regards,

Can’t wait to meet/chat/share with everyone :smiley:


I am also a writer of science fiction. On a good day, anyway…

I’ve been concentrating on a series of short stories about one character and the multiverse. First novel is based on a superhero comic idea developed with some friends in high school, back in some other century, when most computers were the size of a house and ran on coal… The h.s. did have some Apple II’s. You read that right, II’s, the Plus models had not yet been released. Talk about old school.

It’s my birthday today, and I’m feeling a tad old meself. In fact, it’s probably time to get working on ‘old and in the way’. :unamused:

p.s. I’ve got a few things posted over at

Belated,[size=150] Best Wishes[/size], Kev 8) :wink: … re=related

I also write sci-fi… although I have to admit my latest project is probably my least sci-fi manuscript. My ‘on hold’ project is pure wish-fulfilling gloriously colourful sci-fi. Looking forwards to being able to return to this later in the year, after I have my dark little apocalyptic novel submitted!

I tried writing fan-fic, but it’s jut not my thing. Personally I prefer a blank canvas.

By my own (*) definition of Sci-Fi, I’d call myself a Sci-Fi writer.

(* - okay, it’s not my defintion. I read it in the “author’s note” in the back of a book once, but I can’t for the life of me remember which book or which author. Possibly Philip K. Dick or FM Busby.)

The definiton is about the difference between fantasy and sci-fi. Fantasy is fiction which takes place in a made up world (which could just be a futuristic Earth), but where the world is essentially the background for the story rather than a driver for the story itself.

Sci-fi is fiction where the world is basically as you know it, with all the usual rules of science in place. What you then do is change one thing. One rule or such the like, and then extrapolate that to write a story that is at least in part about what impact that change has had on society; what individuals might do in that changed world.

So for example: Make time travel possible. The fantasy story might use time-travel as a device to move the story (or settings along) whilst the sci fi story would be ABOUT the implications - the need for policing; the futility of trying to change things that have already happened or the inevitability of escaping your destiny.

Bythat definition, I guess I write Sci-Fi, even when it’s technically set in the present day.

Then again, I also like the definition “Sci-Fi is fiction with robots in it”.

My rocketship and raygun, they comfort me… :mrgreen:

Hey everyone, I started using Scrivener a few months ago, but I’ve been writing since I was 15 and the for the last 16 years (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I’ve been writing short stories and started/stopped a few novels. I’m determined to make something of this project I’m currently working on which, I suppose, I should classify more as sci-fantasy than sci-fi. My story’s got spaceships, a thing like a dyson sphere, and a hefty dose of anime inspired action – the stuff I remember from the 90s like Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

I’m looking forward to meeting other sci-fi writers here as well.

I write Sci-Fi. The first finished project is based off an effort of myself and two others at I’ve tinkered with various tools, which invariably stops me writing. If I could figure out how to import LaTeX to Scrivener, I’d try to use Scrivener to make a Kindle version. :frowning:

I have a stalled novel and its sequel. The sequel is the one I’m in the middle of editing in Scrivener (having written it in Markdown using TextMate and imported). The stalled novel was being drafted using Vim and LaTeX. The basic milieu is the one found at the site above.

On top of that, I’m starting to plot the next book in the milieu.

That I’m able to start plotting the next novel based off ideas that have danced in my head over the past year means I finally have a system that works for me. I’m buoyed by the feedback from my alpha readers. :slight_smile:

Try using the latex2rtf command-line too. It comes installed in some of the newer distributions, I think, by default. It will take a .tex file and turn it into something a word processor can play with. Main drawback, last time I tried it, was that it really doesn’t try too hard to make a solid RTF file. I seem to recall lists turning into indented lines with a bullet character in front of them and so forth. If it is mostly prose though, shouldn’t be a problem.

My most recent short story is now up at, klc’s blog, ‘The Adventures of Guy-Shi’.