scientific usage

Hi everybody,
I’m still struggling to decide whether to give Scrivener a try.
My problem is that I work in the scientific field, so my typical usage would include inserting a lot of formulae, and symbols everywhere.
Seems to me that Scrivener doesnt have an equation editor similar to Word, correct?
But does it have some facility to help in the insertion of equations, be it in LaTex or similar? Possibly with some preview to see what you just inserted?
And what about references usage, à la BibTex?

any help appreciated,



Just found the equation writing mode and it’s pretty cool.
Just type the equation the way you would in LaTeX.
Omit the beginning & ending delimiters (e.g. $ … $ or \begin{equation} … \end{equation}).
Then, using your mouse, select the equation, right click, a long menu appears with ‘Services’ near the bottom. Go there and select the appropriate LaTeX choice.

It gets formatted and is very, very cool.
Sadly, the LatexIt program that does this crashes often, but you can just ignore this and try a second time. Seems to work.