scivener for windows docs as epub?

hi there. are the scrivener for windows docs available in epub format from anywhere?

they aren’t on the documentation download page, although i note that the scivener for mac docs are available as a scrivener project, which i guess you could generate an epub from, but the scriv for windows docs are not.

i’ve done the tuorial and i’m tooling along in the program ok, but i’m the kind of twisted being who actually enjoys reading the full docs, :wink: and with a break coming up i thought i’d load a scriv for windows docs epub on my kobo and soak up the goodness… but unfortunately, no.

and i know that some ebook readers will load a .pdf (the kobo will) but the handling is slow and unwieldy compared to a native ebook format, so i’m not interested in that.

anyway, tia for any replies, :wink:
…am i the first weirdo to ask about this?


No, you’re not the first…


The manuals for Windows and OS X are in the same project. The magic of compile.

ok, thanks Briar Kit, i did search but didn’t find that.

the quote you included implies that the combined scrivener project is of no use to me anyway, in scriv for windows, as i would be unable to copile it… :frowning:

i also note a statement in that thread by AmberV made on Tue Jan 21, 2014:

this has obviously never happened yet. if AmberV happens to read this, is there any progress in this regard?

thanks, a.

I think you might be able to compile it, but not properly (with just the Windows elements included).

I imagine that a rewrite will come when Scrivener gets a full-point/next-generation release, which has been mooted for next year. A new manual to accompany a major release. As you say, hopefully Ioa will see this thread and give a full answer.

Personally, I’m with you in wanting an ebook version of the manual. I loathe PDFs and will do whatever I can to avoid using them.

bump. waving AmberV AmberV wherfore art thou?

i promise not to do that again… :blush: