Scivener in Ubuntu; what's the latest?

I’m about to start using Ubuntu. I’m trying to get away from Windows, but I will use Virtual Machine, so can use either Windows or Ubuntu, even though I loath Windows.

I see it’s still in Beta. Realistically, should I start new writing projects in Windows or Ubuntu?

Also, very important: I believe I read on this forum or elsewhere, that Sriv can open its own files, whether made in Mac or Windows. How about Linux? If I make a doc in Ubuntu (Linux) and then have a VA try to open it in Windows, should it work or is that unrealistic?


Would definitely be interested in this question. I use Scrivener for Windows and would like to be able to open my projects in Linux from time to time. I know it will technically do it, but I’d hate to disrupt anything.

I’ve found (as many others have) that Scrivener for Linux runs well in Debian linux distros (kissing cousins to the Ubuntu distros). The most hassles and disappointments have come with running Scriv in the 64-bit versions, but most have been resolved. There are a number of threads in this forum addressing that.

That said, I personally find that Scrivener for Windows runs very well under the 1.7.xx version of WINE. I have come to prefer that approach. There are some rough edges and the beta situation of Scrivener for Linux to consider. The Windows version has made significant strides and is now a polished product. More improvements are coming. I find it to be very stable and productive running under WINE for Linux.

As for interchanging & opening files between the Mac, Windows, or Linux versions? Yes, they open & revise fine, but there will be some font, cosmetic, & settings issues to tweak and adjust in the options & preferences of each app/OS. As an example, I can alternately work on a Scriv project between my older Mac and my Windows/Linux computers. Always be careful of the Scriv project .scriv folder structure; open the .scriv folder and run the .scrivx file. Always let it finish updating & synching after a save, and don’t add/move/put anything extra into the .scriv folder. On the Mac, this folder is a container that appears as a single file; this has resulted in endless confusion for Windows/Linux users.

The best advice for WINE is to run the latest development version (compile from source if necessary), which in this case is 1.7.31. Avoid the 1.6.xx “stable” version; it is sadly out of date. There is a good thread, including compiling advice, on this forum: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=27603

Hope this helps. :smiley: