Scrambled scaps

Too many (not all) of my scapple maps are jumbled when I return. Often very detailed. Notes upon notes, original architecture collapsed. Was reading a previous post about this issue, however, I do not save to any cloud.

Alway assumed upon the disappearing asterick, that the structure would be saved.

Thanks for any help.


Hi lunarmod, and welcome to the forum.

Which version of Windows and Scapple are you using?

The most recent version of Scapple on Windows is 1.4.2, so I’d start by verifying that your system has that version installed.

Next, do you tend to leave your boards open when your computer is asleep? If so, are the boards stored on the main internal hard drive or an an auxiliary or external drive?

Knowing that could help narrow down possible causes of the issue.

This is happening to me as well. I did leave my board open before going to sleep so its likely that my pc went into sleep mode as well. Is this bug something that is patchable or easily fixable? As soon as I load my saved document its all, well, scambled around. Do I need to redo all my work?


We’ll need details like the version of Windows, the version of Scapple, and how the boards are stored so we can attempt to reproduce the issue in-house.

Also information about how many notes are in the boards might be helpful in case there’s a point when a small board is fine but a board with hundreds of notes is affected.

If we can reproduce this in-house using those details, we can file a bug report for the developer to review.

I typically don’t recommend leaving any program open with an file active when the computer goes to sleep. To me, it leaves too many opportunities for havoc caused by something like a power surge or the battery running down.

But that’s me. I’m willing to sacrifice a little startup time to ensure my work is secure.

On that subject, do you have a cloud-backup tool running like Carbonite or Backblaze to protect your most important data? Or have a backup utility creating backups to an external hard drive?

I know Windows computers don’t currently have a tool like Apple’s Time Machine, but I’ve seen reports that Microsoft are developing something like that for users.