Scratch Pad and iDisk

I’m aware of the technical difficulties associated with keeping .scriv files on iDisk while auto-syncing. But, I wonder whether such difficulties arise with Scratch Pad. It seems that locating the Scratch Pad folder on iDisk would create an easy way to gather, view and sync research notes of all kinds on multiple machines (desktop and laptop) without having to open Scrivener or associate them with a specific project.

Is it safe to assume that locating the Scratch Pad folder on iDisk with auto-synching enabled does NOT pose the same technical difficulties as .scriv files on iDisk?


Theoretically that might be safe. The scratch pad is just using RTF for its data storage these days, so it that could work. I’d give a try for a bit, making sure to keep your notes backed up somewhere else for a while, see if it works out. Be a guinea pig for the common good. :slight_smile:

Any chance Scratch Pad will be ported to iPad? :bulb: Seems a natural way to provide a pretty simple connection between Scrivener and iPad.

No. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you just use something like Simplenote and Notational Velocity? Seems even easier, especially with the new Scrivener/Simplenote sync. :wink:

Of course. But what fun would that be? :smiling_imp: