Scratch Pad bug


Following the last update (2.7) on Mac 10.10.5, the background color of top pane’s Scratch Pad is black. Reading the note’s list is impossible. I do not think it is possible to change this in the Preferences.
Thank you
Scratch Pad.pdf (27.3 KB)

Very strange - that should be white, and it appears fine for me on 10.10.5. Could you please try deleting and reinstalling Scrivener in case it is a corrupt UI file?

Sorry, but the problem persists after deleting and reinstalling Scrivener and not only on my iMac but on my iBook too. The location of my Scratch Pad is on Dropbox’s file.

Scratch Pad note title color on Yosemite and El Capitan is different. Please view attachments.