Scratch Pad Drags Other HUDs

This is probably an OS X bug with Spaces on Snow Leopard (10.6.5), but I just discovered a fascinating behavior that is going to keep me entranced the rest of the night and prevent me getting any work done. If you have Scrivener (2.0.5) open in one Space with the Scratch Pad and a HUD or two open–say keywords and a QR window–if you switch to a Space with no open applications, all the extra HUDs come with you, unable to resist the tug of the Scratch Pad (which of course stays open and switches Spaces as you’d expect). They disappear when you open an application or if you switch to another Space that has open applications, hence the probability that this is not Scrivener’s problem but Apple’s. However, it’s really entertaining to ctrl-arrow rapidly through my available spaces and watch the HUDs appear and disappear. Also, if you are on an empty Space with the extraneous HUDs and close the Scratch Pad, you’re immediately whisked back to the Space with Scrivener.

Seriously, guys, try it. It’s really fun.*

  • Quantity of fun derived by a complex calculation related to the amount of sleep you’ve had and caffeine you’ve consumed.

I think this must be an OS X bug. I’ve just checked and the QuickReference panels are definitely set to have the same Spaces behaviour as the main window, so OS X must be temporarily ignoring that setting for floating panels.

All the best,

Figures. Maybe they’ll fix it for Lion!