Scratch Pad Macros

I would love to be able to setup some boilerplating in the scratch pad (or similar). Let me store a title block with an automatic current date that I can paste into files.

I use a third-party tool (Typinator, though I don’t believe they have a Windows port) for boilerplates and frequently typed text, and cannot recommend it enough, they are a huge time saver. It basically monitors what I type for abbreviations, which when encountered will be expanded into full text, with the possibility for form input, script automated data insertion, time and date, clipboard handling and so on. Unlike something built into a single program, I can as easily use these in Scrivener as I can in the text editor I’m writing this post in, or the browser field that I will paste the text into.

I cannot vouch for it, but PhraseExpress looks pretty good, works with both Scapple and Scrivener, and is free to use for personal usage. I did not look too deeply into it, but I dare say it does just about everything my preferred Typinator does. Looks like it will be a big productivity booster even at a very basic level of usage, ramping up in how much you can do with it, the more time you put into learning it.

Given the existence and high degree of utility represented in these programs, it’s unlikely we’ll try to reproduce a watered-down version of that in Scrivener itself.

Could you not use Scrivener’s existing template document feature for this? Set it up as part of the project template. The only time I’ve needed boilerplate stuff has been achieved by using a Front Matter folder for the particular compile target.

[I’m not at my Mac right now so my suggestion might be cock-eyed as I’ve not been able to test it.]

Document templates are coming in the next version of Scrivener for Windows, which is currently in public beta. I’m not sure if it would quite work for this though. You can certainly start off a file with some boilerplate text, but it won’t be dynamic with the current date.