Scratch Pad on iOS or alternative workaround?

Doesn’t look like Scratch Pad is available on Scrivener iOS even though I am syncing the notes through Dropbox. What’s an alternative method or I am just not seeing the functionality on Scrivener iOS?

The Scratch Pad is simply a folder with text files. You can view the content using e.g. Apple’s Files app or the more developed third party FilesApp, and then copy-paste knto iOS Scrivener.

I use the Drafts app to capture ideas and send them to the ScratchPad which I have on Dropbox.

Thanks Lunk for recommendation of Drafts. I found it to be super fast, but unfortunately it generates .txt and current Windows Scratch Pad needs .rtf. I couldn’t find a way to change Drafts output to .rtf, is there?

I’ll look around for an .rtf editor, but in the meantime might still use Drafts for quick notes from my phone, because it’s so blazing fast to launch. (I’m hoping Win v3 Scratch Pad will support .txt.)

Oh… on Mac the Scratch pad have had the option of .txt since version 2.

Thanks for the responses! Searching for an RTF editor on the iOS :slight_smile:

Hmmm…as I think about it, it seems silly to have to get ANOTHER text editor just to use the Scratch Pad feature. It’s like getting a text editor for my already text editor.

Scrivener on iOS itself should suffice. I’ll see if I can submit this as a feature request for the next minor update.

Having Scrivener scratch pad available on iOS would of course be great, for making cross platform notes once I already have iOS Scrivener open.

A challenge though for those of us who sync across multiple platforms is making quick notes in iOS, when Scrivener is not already open. Waiting for a sync to complete is not conducive to jotting down a quick note, so I’ve found I need to use another text editor for that purpose, and then later I copy those notes into Scrivener. So far Drafts seems the best app for this purpose,

The ideal solution to this, for me, would be a standalone “Scrivener Scratch Pad” app that is cross platform between macOS, iOS, and watchOS. Just a tiny notetaking app that synchs with Scrivener, allowing notes to be tagged/linked to specific projects.

I use Bear to take notes on my Apple Watch on the go (voice dictating a story idea that pops into my head during bike rides is ESSENTIAL to my workflow now), and then process those notes when I’m at my iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

If Scrivener had a “Scratch Pad” app that took dictation, and then at the end of the note you could choose which project to sync it to, I’d pay for it separately.

How would the app know where to find your Scrivener projects, and which ones you wanted it to remember? And what if the note didn’t fit in a specific project? With Drafts you can save to the Scratch Pad and then afterwards access the note from within any project.

There are quite a lot of applications in the “quick note” space already. Since the Scratchpad is, as noted, just a folder with text files in it, any of those applications can be used to write to that folder. For Mac or Windows, problem solved.

iOS is a bit trickier because of the way the file system (or lack thereof) works. It’s much more difficult to give iOS Scrivener access to a completely separate filespace that is managed by another application – whether that application is “iOS Scratchpad” or something else.


Katherine, hopefully I’m not being overly pedantic, but the current Windows Scratchpad is based on rtf files. So anyone using Win 1.9 who desires an iOS editor that will edit the Scratchpad docs needs an rtf editor.


  • Who’s still searching for that iOS rtf editor

ETA: I’m currently looking at RichTexture, an rtf editor that is free, open source, fast, and works with DropBox.

I don’t think you can have a scratch pad in iScriv the way you have it on Scriv for MacOS. What you can do is to split screen iScriv with a text editor accessing your Scratch Pad folder, when working in iOS

You’re not being pedantic, I’m being sloppy. Sorry about that. – Katherine

Regarding complaints about not being able to have a scratchpad on iOS Scrivener. However, I have found that you can use iOS Notes, which comes with iOS, asa form of scratch pad. If you so wish.You may open another window and you could use it either as a split screen or slide-over. Then copy/cut and paste into Scrivener, or from Scrivener into Notes.

Unfortunately, Notes is a separate app, which is not imbedded and stored with the Scrivener app, nor is it saved with Scrivener in Dropbox.